1. UX Workshops
    UX Workshops
    Transcend Stem Design Studio UX workshops combine divergent and convergent thinking ideation and design critique with idea prioritization, team collaboration as well as final product creation by workshop close.
  2. Skilled Trade
    Skilled Trade
    We create Employment Partnerships (EPs) with local corporations, apprenticeship programs and project based paid training.
  3. Internet of Things
    Internet of Things
    Transcend engages scholars in Digital Innovation through practical activities such as creating apps, music engineering, math games, writing code and Design Studio Workshops.
  4. Certifications
    We partner with Colleges and Tertiary schools to create/enhance certification programs to match trends in job and entrepreneurial requirements.
Transcend Projects

Our model project which is transcendent in nature, is entitled Transcend Stem Education Inc,. TSE is a non-profit organization incorporated in Dallas, Texas,  whose principal activities are a systems approach to out of school programs, that aim to balance a holistic view  with creativity and  to implement philanthropic activities primarily in the USA and any place where there is a need, with significant preference for At-Risk teens ages 0-24. To further align with our global vision which is:  to impact the underprivileged at home and worldwide, we at TSE are constantly and strategically  expanding our footprint  to other geographical areas. Here are some of our projects which go beyond  education based activities. We welcome new projects, are always looking to upgrade existing projects and encourage creative collaborations globally. Please contact us with your creative ideas to collaborate.

  1. Transcend Stem Edu Inc., USA
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    Pedagogical Curricula
    On the picture is our Abigail, doing what she does in addition to coordinating & helping engage teens in experiences like, "the science of nutrition" through cake making or "engineering concepts" through music beat making.
  2. Sabela Project- Cape Town South Africa
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    Transcend DBA Sabela
    Sabela is Xhosa for "respond to a call" . In response to a "silent" call children orphaned by aids, violence, poverty and other disasters, are provided with homes & other necessities including our model of pedagogical curricula.
  3. Sabela Project-Nassau Bahamas
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    Sabela In the Bahamas
    Our founder, in the Bahamas,where the unavailability of an accredited 4 year college - cripples this beautiful nation as the affording go abroad and those that cannot pay international fees are forced to live without a degree or a job.
  4. Tata's wish - Zimbabwe Project
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    If tata was here...
    Tata is "father" in Xhosa. Our founder's father was passionate about caring for the underprivileged. He is believed to be smiling down from heaven as he sees his dream of providing homes & education unfolding through our founder today.
  5. Sabela Project - West Africa
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    For orphans and widows
    Working with Christ Amazing Love Ministries both in Cape Town and West Africa, Transcend DBA Sabela prevents/intervenes for those at risk of abuse,neglect and abandonment.
  6. The Sabela Closet
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    Your donations are greatly appreciated. We provide our tax deductible per IRS regulations. We also appreciate in kind donations e.g. diapers, etc. Contact us via our contact us page for a list, mailing/pick up instructions

We hope to transcend above and beyond the norm by providing At Risk Youths and other underprivileged groups an optimum activity based learning/training/living environment that gives them the opportunity to explore, to be creative, to stay engaged and be productive while developing long-lasting skills based on STEM(Science Technology Engineering and Math) and other skills that also serve as college and/or job preparedness. Our curricula allows engagement of and for the benefit of the entire family as part of a holistic process for the teen being impacted.

  1. The sad reality - youths at risk
  2. Panel Discussion On Children At Risk
  3. Putting at risk kids on track
  4. What happens -Invisible Children
  5. At risk youth by the numbers
  6. The dream to impact youths

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