Our Mission
 To close the gap in the school curricular and traditional workforce development for the underserved/underprivileged  populations  by actively preparing and engaging them  through innovative, robustic and futuristic  Whole Family Intergrated  - STEM based Programs that go above and beyond traditional methods from an early age as low as Pre-K. 
Our Vision
 To build a viable and holistic workforce and/or entrepreneurs who are able to obtain and mantain not just a higher than living wage income but a career and a livelihood. 
 Transcend Stem  At Risk Youths Programs 
Transcend Stem works closely with schools, organizations, the juvenile detention system and youth homes using a developed  model project for impacting these high risk underpriiviledged youths.
Transcend Stem At Risk Youth programs are aimed at providing primary prevention/intervention projects aimed at improving the lives of at risk youth ages 0-24 (with certain age exceptions reviewed on a case by case basis).

Youths  are engaged in projects that teach them to apply in an activity based fun and learn environment what they learn at school in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Transcend STEM's projects which include, extra curricular activities, summer camps, UX workshops, workforce development, soft skills, and other events prioritize this vulnerable population.

While Transcend STEM works with diverse populations who meet the poverty level criteria , a lof of emphasis is placed on At- Risk Youths. These are any youths who might less likely  be able to transition to successful  adulthood and/or achieve self-sufficiency.  Youths growing up in poverty, youths growing up in unstable or dysfunctional homes, domestic violence and substance abuse exposure, negative school and community  environments,minority youth as well as affluent youth environments - to name just a few - are all susceptible to being unable to overcome risk factors.

Transcend Stem endeavors to reach out to those environments that may seem neglected, left out, unnoticed or underprivileged and help the youths to engage in meaningful informal stem activities that go above and beyond customized class instruction to help the youths transition and become employable.