We Go Beyond 

Transcend STEM Education goes above and beyond classroom experience to provide  fun based STEM activities, careers,jobs,entrepreneurial and capacity building opportunities.  

What We Do

Transcend  provides STEM based extra curricula activities to Pre-K through 12, STEM Based Workforce Development Skills Building and Certifications. Through  Corporate Partnerships, Transcend  also provides job referrals,/placements, apprenticeships and internships. Transcend STEM uses ux workshops to build capacity, provide soft skills and entrepreneural guidance.

 Our Mission

To close the gap in the school curricular and traditional workforce development for the underserved/underprivileged  populations  by actively preparing and engaging them  through innovative, robustic and futuristic  Whole Family Intergrated  - STEM based Programs that go above and beyond traditional methods from an early age as low as Pre-K. 

 Our Vision

 To build a viable and holistic workforce and/or entrepreneurs who are able to obtain and mantain not just a higher than living wage income but a career and a livelihood. 

Our Main Focus

Extra Curricular Activities

STEM focused activity based Extra Curricular activities for Pre -K through 12  in partnership with NASA


Workforce Development

CompTia , MicroSoft and GIAC cerifications ardministered through Transcend STEM provide higher paying jobs
Skills Building,Job  readinesss, Referrals a nd placements with Employment Partners ( EPs)

Who We Work With

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Curricular Partners

Our referral partners are a crucial piece of the puzzle that allows us to deliver the best for our participants. We are always looking for new partnesrhips and continually improving current relationships which in turn helps us improve the lives of those whom we serve.  Our partnership with CompTia  has led to great strides in preparing candidates for jobs that pay more than just a living wage. Our collaboration with GIAC takes it a notch higher given the demand for cybersecurity and the insurgence of digitalization. GIAC certifications lead to especially higher wages than the industry standard
Partner With Us!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.
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