be or go beyond the range or limits of (something abstract, typically a conceptual field or division).

synonyms: go beyond, rise above, cut across

surpass (a person or an achievement).
synonyms: surpass, exceed, beat, cap, tower above, outdo, outclass, outstrip,leave behind, outshine, eclipse, overshadow, throw into the shade,upstage, top
"his exploits far transcended those of his predecessors"

Lord Kelvin

They Think....
They Create....
They Transcend

We give our students 0-24 the encouragement necessary, the tools and the urge to think  beyond theory learned in Science Technology English and Math

Our programs empower,support, pre-occupy and teach students processes used to create objects from being mere visions to practical objects based on learned Science Technology English and Math

Students are equipped with skills that allow them to go above and beyond the norm, to transcend and bring to life their visions in an informal learning setting


=F s=Fs

sin(theta) = a / c


Transcend Stem, is a model project for impacting high risk/underpriviledged and/or underserved youths.
Join the movement today and Transcend with us!
Transcend Stem seeks to reduce risk factors and other behavioral issues among the youth, thereby improving their quality of life by  affording them opportunities to explore their passions beyond the classroom STEM education.