About Us

Transcend Stem is a primary prevention/intervention project aimed at impacting high risk youth ages 3-18. The youths are engaged in projects that teach them to put into practice what they learn at school in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
Biofuel Project
 Engineering project
Chemistry  Science Project

Utilizing organic and environmentally friendly materials students are guided by a professional Biodiesel Manufacturer to use biodegrdable material to make fules that can be used in vehicles and other machinery.

Working in collaboration with the founder of a local Jet Interiors manufacturer,  interested youths with strong engineering skills are exposed to the art of manufacturing  interior panels of private Jets.

Youths who demonstrate strength in utilizing the knowledge and skills acquired in the chemical and physical sciences are exposed to the art of organic soap making, perfume  and lotion manufacture with the expertise of  local organic cosmetic manufacturers.

By using a systems approach, based on the 3 pillars of life namely Servant Leadership, Spirituality and Entrepreneurship, Transcend Stem provides training and consultation to schools, existing agencies and organizations to help them expand services for high risk youth. Our dedicated Volunteers and Program Managers provide a myriad of social, educational, cultural, economic and recreational activities, as well as, support groups for parents and youth, in addition to life skills training and substance abuse education for the five targeted high risk neighborhoods in Dallas TX. 
  1. An integral part of Transcend STEM
    Through Transcend Cares, youths sign up for community service where they help give back to the community that invests in them by doing chores like cleaning and car washes and more.
  2. Transcendent Living Our Passion
    Transcend Stem is an endeavor at building youths who are aspiring positively confident, progressive and who become leaders of tomorrow.
  3. Transcend Programs Our Community
    Transcend Stem believes in upward moving, educated, productive, peaceful and fulfilling community living. Children and youth shape the foundation of tomorrow's community.

Transcend Cares