Meet The Team

“What we need now is a nation of great people who live to positively impact others and build enduring legacies” 
- Fela Durotoye

Our Beginning

Our Philosophy

Transcend Stem seeks to strategically engage teens in             activity - based out of school programs that are focused on improving outcomes for youth.  According to KIDS COUNT data center reports, teen problems may emanate from living in high poverty, living in single parent homes,  and boredom due to lack of activities - among other things. Transcend Stem proposes to utilize STEM Education based curricula to help teens create innovative ideas,equip teens with college/job readinesss skills and engage in recreational activities that will support youth success, peer and family relationships and keep the teens away from the streets, from drugs, alcohol and sexual activities.
Transcend Stem was birthed from a single mother's love, compassion for humanity,  and a heart cry for a young generation that's equipped to become better parents and leaders of tomorrow. In 2006, our founder learned about a troubled 13 year old Jamel. Our founder listened helplessly as stories about Jamel surfaced, as Jamel transformed from a polite, soft spoken innocent 13 year old to drug and alcohol use and eventually a life of crime. Today, at age 23, Jamel is incarcerated.  Although our founder tried in vain to get through to Jamel's parents to help with Jamel she did not lose the hope to create programs that help intervene/prevent other teens from following the same path as Jamel did.

Founder & Executive Director

Haphen Muchapondwa
Haphen started her nonprofit career in 1995 as a High School Teacher and Youth Director for Hermann Gmeiner Kinderdorf International (SOS Children’s Villages for orphaned and abandoned children).  Other nonprofit organizations whose philanthropic activities are based on truly improving humanity which Haphen has served for over the years include, National Center for Higher Education, Editorial Projects in Education and National Math and Science Initiative. Haphen currently resides in Dallas and serves for an organization that provides services for Refugees, Immigrants, other displaced persons and victims of human trafficking in addition to overseeing Transcend Stem education.

President & Director of Innovations

Dr. Nji
Dr. Nji,  a very innovative and unusually gifted visionary graduated from Coppin State University with a Bachelors in Social Work (Suma KumLaude),became a distinguished scholar,completed a research project through the McNair scholars program and is a Maxi Collier Scholar - a
program developed to focus on bridging the gap between  students and the void In the mental Health field. Although he had no knowledge of sign language, Dr Nji took a leap of faith and completed his Masters Degree at Gallaudet University entirely in sign language. Dr. Nji obtained 2 Doctorate degrees by the age of 28, is an ordained Reverend, and  is currently completing his 3rd Doctorate in
divinity. Dr. Nji is fluent in 5 languages, when off the clock, he spends time reading and writing poetry.
Dr. Nji currently massively involves himself with the deaf community, has experience securing employment for the deaf and hard of hearing, & is a community Interpreter.
In addition to serving on the Transcend team, Dr. Nji works for FEMA( Federal Emergency Management Agency) where he sets up Assistive Listening Devices in DRC’s and provides Sign Language interpreting in Speakers Bureau, among other duties. 

Director of IT

Malcom "Meech" Chitsa
Meech, as is Malcom playfully addressed by the team and peers, is our IT guru. His IT career started at age 11 when he built his first computer without expert assistance.  Malcom brings a very peaceful and calm demeanor and over 11 years of IT expertise. Malcom serves as one of our most valued team members who knows “all things IT”. When he is not working, Malcom loves making music. Malcom has a unique music production engineering talent which comes as an additional asset to some of our programs as he assists interested teens with beat production and music engineering. Malcom resides in the Dallas area and works as an IT Analyst for Flextronics corporate in addition to serving on the Transcend Stem Education team. 

Director of Operations

Melly Mel, as he is teasingly known around the office, is our Director of Operations. Every day is brighter when “Melly” is in the building. Malvin’s sense of humor keeps the team’s spirit up and going even as some of our teens may be going through some tough times, they are forced to laugh at Melly’s goofy countenance. Malvin is a Systems Administrator for Bioworld, a leading design and distribution company of licensed and private label apparel in Texas. In addition to manning the operations, for Transcend Stem, Malvin is a fashion icon and model who prides himself in “dressing for success” and acts as a role model for the teens who look to go into the fashion industry.  When he is not working, Mel loves to travel and sing to teen audiences in the Dallas area.

Malvin "Melly Mel"

Programs Volunteer Coordinator

Abigail Delfina
Abigail is the Programs Volunteer Coordinator. Abigail juggles between working for a local law firm and coordinating the Transcend Stem Youth Programs. Abigail’s positive outlook to life and her vibrant smile brings hope and encouragement to all that are around her.  Abigail resides in her family home in the Bedford area of Texas and she loves photography, doing photo shoots and spending time with her beautiful mother listening to music.